Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tips for Get Rid of a Dog's Cold

Although colds in dogs do not require medical intervention, you should take steps to release the dog of the same . The cold will make the immune system weak dog, and this can be dangerous if the dog is a puppy or an adult dog. As the flu virus is contagious, it is best to isolate the dog to prevent the infection from spreading to other pets .

Here are some ways you can get rid of a cold if your dog is suffering from:

• Steam inhalation is an effective way to help with many symptoms of a cold remedy. You can help drain mucus, reduce cough and relieve breathing. Just run some hot water in the bathroom and let the steam to fill the room . Keep the dog on the steam bath for 10 minutes.

• Make sure the dog is given a lot of liquids in the form of water and broth. This will help thin the mucus and keep the body hydrated.

• Lack of appetite can be addressed by ensuring that the dog is encouraged to eat their favorite foods and snacks. This will help stimulate the immune system and give the dog 's ability to fight infection . This will help speed the recovery process.

• Chest congestion is a common problem among dogs suffering from common cold. This makes it difficult for the dog to breathe. Keep a humidifier in the room to relieve breathing difficulties and drainage of mucus.

• Cold can cause secondary pulmonary infection. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the dog warm . Do not expose the dog to cold air. Do not let your dog spends a lot of time outdoors.

• Feed the dog a teaspoon of colloidal silver for the treatment of colds. Generally, the amount of colloidal silver is dependent on the age and general health of the dog. Consult a veterinarian if you are unsure.

If the above solutions do not help the cold , then take your dog to the vet. The vet can prescribe antiviral drugs , antitussives, decongestants and / or vitamin supplements to speed recovery .