Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yoga Poses-You Can Do With Your Dog

sic pose sitting

From its name it is a basic stance that has been shown to help increase your dog's energy . Assume the attitude has to sit in a chair or on a mat and then place your dog in his lap. Once the dog is comfortable and quiet, you should start massaging .

Greetings Puppy sun

This is an excellent move by stretching and massaging your dog . Take the attitude that should start in a sitting position and then slowly lift your dog's hind legs skyward. You must then massage the thighs and shoulders while stretching the front legs of the dog.


You need to lie on your back and place the dog in the chest. Next, you should start slowly massage the dog. When the dog is completely relaxed, it will curl up and settle in allowing you to have one of the best Savanasa .

Triangle pose

Here you use the weight of your dog to strengthen posture. Besides strengthening the pose, the dog also helps make exercise more fun and playful. For best results you should keep the dog on her hips while moving in triangle pose.

These are some of the yoga poses that you can do with your dog. To ensure that the pose of the running correctly, you must enroll in a yoga class .