Thursday, July 11, 2013

Labrador Retriever - Breed Characteristics

Nose: Broad nose with nostrils well developed. Usually black, yellow labs though the color may change with age and have a brownish pink. This is called a "snow" or nose "winter." The muzzle should be of good length to allow the dog to carry game hares and rabbits, even heavier.

Mouth: The Labrador has a scissors bite (lower incisors fit right on the top) and the mouth should be perpendicular to the jaw.

Neck: Strong and powerful set appears well placed shoulders.

Body: The Labrador has a short coupled body (ie, the spine is not too long) a large deep chest with well sprung ribs. Labradors body should be as long from the withers to the tail, as it is from the ground to the withers. A level will riding back strong with well turned stifles. The hindquarters are well developed and slope of the tail. The hocks are slightly bent. The angulation of the legs are designed so that the upper joint jump down may concertina that protects the bones from impact.

FEET: The feet are round and compact with well arched toes and webbed to aid in swimming. Deep snow and ice do not get caught in the Labrador feet allow the dog to work in the harshest weather conditions.

Cola: This must be high, thick at the base and thinning of the tip. Labradors tail is described as a tail of the "otters", because it helps dogs amazing swimming abilities.

Coat: The first Labradors were sometimes almost completely black with white markings on the legs and feet of the chest. Labrador today comes in three colors, black, yellow, (this can vary from pale cream to rich red fox) and chocolate or liver. The three colors can be produced in a single layer, as every farmer takes several genes. The hard coat is short, dense and flat with a mild weather resistant coating. Labradors layer requires little preparation, except when molting. Bathroom is also unnecessary, as the coat contains oils that repel dirt.

Temperament: Despite being a hard working dog full of energy, the Labrador Retriever is the most friendly and gentle dogs without aggressive tendencies. This is not a guard dog and probably greet a patrol car with a big smile and a wagging tail. The most that can be said of his keeping abilities they can bark a warning. The Labrador Retriever is playful, gentle and patient around children. Demonstrate the desire to please his family and they love to be petted and pampered.

Exercise: Labradors are high energy, active dogs that require mental and physical exercise daily. Labs are hard wired to retrieve game on land and water, and although they are now one of the favorite poet of the family who still need an outlet for their abundant energy. Search endlessly play or climb mountains with you. They will accompany walkers, runners, cyclists and swim excitedly in any body of water. Farmers also do well in dog sports such as agility or flyball. A well-exercised lab will be happy to sleep all day while the family is out. Lack of exercise leads to boredom creates that are destructive and stubborn. Many labs end up in rescue shelters because their owners have not understood the physical needs of the animals. Training should play a large part of the exercise session finished with a lot of playing time.

Character: These dogs are friendly, kind, versatile, flexible, hardworking, energetic, playful, loyal and willing to learn. The Labrador Retriever can learn hundreds of words or commands so it's easy to see why they have chosen as the most popular dog in the world. They are late to mature and retain puppy like behavior of anything up to three years. Labrador puppies are renowned for mouthing and constantly pinch your fingers or clothing. They need firm training to overcome this. So laid back is this breed that a potential owner can be fooled into thinking that the dog / human relationship requires little involvement of the owner. This is definitely not the case! Like Mary Feazell, a lover of Labrador and dog trainer, says, 95% of adult dogs depends on their own and only 5% on the same dog. Mary Feazell says: "Realistically, Labs swim well, but can not walk on water"