Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cat Vaccinations - Healthy Or Harmful?

Passed by the body's natural immune response to a vaccine, as the body is not able to defend themselves against the vaccine's components. It is the body that results in a higher grade for the elimination of chronic diseases is sometimes not possible.
The use of toxic ingredients in vaccines causes a myriad of other problems. Thimerosal mercury, heavy metals, and is used as a preservative.

    Mercury is a known neurotoxin. The results of the neurological symptoms of mercury poisoning are common.
    Aluminum used as a booster, killed virus vaccine, it is a known neurotoxin.
    Formaldehyde is considered a carcinogen by many. It is found in most commercial pet foods.
    Especially cats Phenol, coal tar, a toxic substance are unable to process efficiently, is used.
    Other animals are used for cell culture virus. Unknown cross-species contamination can cause all sorts of problems with the tissue.

Cat vaccinations are not different from any other vaccine. After a steady supply causes the release of free radicals in the body to kill a disease is toxic to the body to keep looking at the vaccination. Free radicals are known to cause major health problems.

Many diseases and vaccinating cats for cats at a time creates additional problems of a large additional surcharge. Sometimes it is even more cats system load, surgery may be

Annual increases resistance to disease is prevalent. They also explain your cat.

Cat vaccinations and vets all media want to promote. In my opinion, the risk is much more damaging than any potential benefits are. Your cat has a strong and healthy immune system would work much better if you focus are sure to have. The best way to prevent illness.